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On Saturday, December 22nd Santa will be visiting Scott Township via fire truck to get updates on all the children in the community. Look and listen for his approach as he travels down your street with his sleigh escorted by a fire engine!

Operation Santa

East Carnegie Fire Department Operation Santa

Ryan & Cherrydale - 3:15pm
Greentree to McMonagle - 3:45pm
Akehurst to Akehurst - 4:05pm
Royal Oak to Windsor Ct. - 4:15pm
McMonagle to Greenlawn - 4:20pm
Akehurst to Robinhood - 4:25pm
on Akehurst to McMonagle - 4:30pm
Greentree Rd. to Greenoak - 4:40pm
Orchardview Rd. - 4:45pm

Arla - 4:55pm
Great Oak - 5:05pm
Spreading Oak - 5:15pm

Sturdy Oak - 5:25pm
Spreading Oak - 5:35pm
White Birch - 5:45pm
Spreading Oak - 6:00 pm
Black Oak - 6:10pm
Florence  - 6:15pm

Cypress - 6:25pm
Wise - 6:35pm
Forsythe - 6:40pm
Hoffmyer - 6:45pm
Maryland - 6:55pm
Cypress to Woodridge - 7:05pm

East Carnegie - 7:30pm


Idlewood to Bell

Bell to Noblestown

Noblestown to Duncan



Doolittle to back to Station.

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