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Pack Your TO-GO Bag

Scott Township Public Safety suggests each resident have a TO-GO Bag ready for each member of their household in case of emergencies and evacuations.  If you need to leave your home or facility, it will be important that you are ready to go as quickly as possible.  Having a GO Bag in an accessible place ensures that you and your family are prepared for whatever situation arises.


GO Bag Guidelines:


➢    Each member of household should have his or her own GO Bag

➢    GO Bag should be easy to carry or wheel and be sturdy

➢    GO Bag should be stored in an easily accessible location

➢    Ideally, you could keep a GO Bag at your home and in your car

➢    GO Bag should be prepared for any time of year- rotate clothing for the seasons

➢    GO Bag should be updated every six months- change meds and check food dates


What to Pack?


Bottled Water (48 oz. to 60 oz. suggested)- Rotate out every year

o    Non perishable food and a manual can opener (ready to serve canned goods with pull tops are best)

o    Non perishable snacks- energy or protein bars, peanuts, peanut butter

o    Flashlight- spare batteries and bulb

o    Prescription medication for 7 days, along with copies/list of prescriptions

o    Small First Aid Kit

o    Change of clothing/socks for the season (pack clothes for layering)

o    Small blanket or throw

o    Wash cloth and hand towel

o    Comfortable Shoes and/or slippers

o    Raingear/jacket or poncho

o    Hat or tossle cap

o    Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, hand sanitizer or wipes, comb or small brush, feminine hygiene 

o    Small collection of over counter meds- antacids, aspirin, sinus or cold, diarrhea, eye drops, cortisone cream

o    Toilet paper (small role or ½ roll) and Tissues 

o    Pocket Knife or Swiss army type or Leatherman tool

o    Battery Operated AM/FM radio 

o    Extra pair of glasses or hearing aids

o    Extra set house/car keys

o    Whistle

o    Small candle, matches and/or lighter

o    Comfort Items- book, crossword puzzles, cards, knitting, word search, small travel games

o    Spare cell phone chargers- home and car

o    Charged old cell phone- even without service plan phone will dial 9-1-1

o    Small garbage bags or plastic bags

o    Small amount of cash and coins

o    Some paper, pens, pencil, post its- if need to leave messages

o    Special needs items

o    Copies of important documents in waterproof bag- ID’s, insurance information, proof of address, passport, debit card

o    Recent family photo for identification purposes

o    Emergency Contacts- addresses and phone numbers of relatives and/or friends

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